She's the One

She's the One

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KateAnne By KateAnnee Completed

George Scott, a prince of Eastwood high-school along with the rest of the football team ruled the school corridors. Alongside their princesses, the cheerleaders. 

But to George, there was someone higher than them all, because to him; a queen sat on the throne. 

Lydia Jackson, a normal teenaged girl with an overthinking mind and a passion for dancing. Though her overthinking mind may come in handy when figuring out George Scott's intentions.

Because, what does a prince want with a nobody? 

[ Trailer inside ]
Cover by @AverySummers

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Although unnoticeable, you switched tenses here. I think changing 'smirked' into 'smirking' sounds more correct because of how you said 'lighting up' instead of 'lit up'
Cute! I can understand her excitement. I'd love a little more description (just a little!) of how he looks before he looks into her eyes, like as he walks along maybe? 
                              But the flow is great, no problems there! :)
                              short and very sweet <3
HammerholdTales HammerholdTales 3 days ago
I can definitely feel the emotion in this opening chapter. I think it captures the feeling of young love.
plsgofundme plsgofundme Oct 06
i sort of agree with the previous comments, it's intriguing but not enough for us to further understand past what's been told in the summary
It's good, but too fast into what the plot's about. Take a breather and go with the flow. :)
It was a very short chapter so it wasnt enough for me to catch the gist of things, but it definitely drew my attention because this is exactly my cup of tea. It was a cute little introduction to the story, and a nice way to portray the characters and describe their physical appearances. Nice!