Blood lines (vampire 5sos and one direction)

Blood lines (vampire 5sos and one direction)

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Riley's P.O.V.

"Okay have a great summer students" my annoying principal's voice echos through the intercom.The final bell rings and everybody cheers.

I smile and skip out of my classroom and down the hall to my best friend Maya. I jump on her back and she squeals dropping her books.

"Wow thanks Ri" Maya sarcastically scoffs and flips her bangs out of her face.

"I'm sorry but school is finally out so if your not in a good mood I'll take someone else with me" I say starting to walk away.

"Bestie hows life how are your kids did I mention you look Fab today oh is that a new shampoo your using" Maya rambles on playing with my hair and dress.

"Your ridiculous" I groan prying her hands off my curly waves.

"Thats why you love me isn't it" she replies slamming her locker shut.

We laugh and skip down the halls ways doing a little bell kick once and a while.

Oh hey sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Riley darcy wilson, but everyone calls me Ri or Darc. I'm 17 about 5 foot 7 inches ...

KoalaQueen2020 KoalaQueen2020 Apr 05, 2017
Yikes 😬 not someone I'd be interested in hanging out with but I guess she sounds chill
KoalaQueen2020 KoalaQueen2020 Apr 05, 2017
Anyone else think of girl meets world just because of Riley and Maya
Does anyone else cringe when someone spells minute as minuet?
Styles_x_Stilinski Styles_x_Stilinski Aug 31, 2016
Dam I'd be honored to be killed by them c'mon, it's 5sos and One Direction! They could rob an old lady and id be like "oh that's cute!" 😂😂😂😂
fivesauseroos fivesauseroos May 26, 2016
Im laughing so hard about Louis just idk he's so annoyed and its hilarious😂😂
- - Nov 19, 2016
*not sarcasm* No, he said rain. He wanted them to find some fans to rain. Raining someone is where u pour buckets of collected rain water on them.