Territorial Men 5: Zyron Fuentes

Territorial Men 5: Zyron Fuentes

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Living his life as free like a bird, Zyron Fuentes promised to himself to never tie a knot, because he knew that love will only breaks you in the end.

A man who don't think about responsibilities and shits in life. A black sheep to one of the most respected family in the Country and most of all, he's known for being a man who don't stick around with only one woman.

But behind his playboy image, like any other man in the world, he also has this only one girl in his mind who he thinks about at night... she's living a simple life at Isla Fuentes-his hidden paradise.

1. Colton Altaraza
2. Drake Villafuente
3. Brooke Montero
4. Dwaye Mendez
5. Zyron Fuentes
6. Clane Altaraza

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