Unexpected Feelings//Kim Taehyung x Reader

Unexpected Feelings//Kim Taehyung x Reader

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This book is about y/n and Taehyung.

So basically what happens is that Taehyung is your bestfriend and the others met since kindergarten and you guys have this great friendship and one day you start having feelings for Taehyung but sadly he is a heartthrob playboy.

You are older than Taehyung by 30 minutes. Your birthdays are December 30th and you were born at 4:00 AM and Taehyung was born at 4:30 AM. You guys were born at the same hospital and was born at the same hour, lol.

You, Taehyung's parents, Namjoon's parents, Seokjin's parents, Yoongi's Parents, Hoseok's Parents, Jimin's Parents, Jungkook's Parents, Jang Hyo Min's Parents, Seo Won Na's Parents and Yun Jaemin's Parents are bestfriends and they both work at the biggest company in Seoul which means you guys are rich but not really known to be rich. Your parents and their parents make you both do the same things together.

You guys are the most popular kids in school including Namjoon, Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Jimin, Jungkook, Jang Hyo Min, Seo Won Na and 
Yun Jaemin.

Your bestfriends are Jang Hyo Min, Seo Won Na and Yun Jaemin. Jang Hyo Min is currently dating Jin since grade 8, Seo Won Na is dating Jimin since grade 6 and Yun Jaemin is dating Jungkook since grade 7.

You guys are the most popular students in school.
You guys are in grade 11. Currently you guys are in High school and in the same grade and are in the same classes.

But something unexpected comes...

One day y/n started to develop feelings for Taehyung but you seem like he doesn't really notice it and you just keep it to yourself and your bestfriends.

Will y/n confess to Taehyung? 
Will you ever date him? 
Does he like somebody else?

If you want to know more read some chapter and hope you'll like it!!

Thanks bibbes!🖤💛

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