Married To My Sister's Fiancé (COMPLETED) ✓

Married To My Sister's Fiancé (COMPLETED) ✓

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Ana Noor is the youngest child of her parents. She has an elder sister Rubab Noor. Their personalities, thinking, likes and dislikes are totally different from each other. Rubab is engaged with Nail Sikander, a man who is a dream of many girls. Nail and Rubab liked each other and Ana was happy for them. 

Everyone was happy in his own life But then something happens and eventually Ana and Nail gets married...


Relishing the beautiful moments passed between them he left her and looked up at her face. Her both cheeks were so red that it looked like she applied too much blusher on them. She opened her eyes and saw him who was already seeing her. A bright small appeared on his handsome face meeting her eyes. 

He was enjoying it. A wave of anger aroused in her.

"How could you? HOW Could you?" She jerked him behind. This time he stumbled but maintained his balance otherwise he would have hit to the table behind him.

"Ana!" He called her softly.

"Fuck offfffff..." She yelled.

Not able to control her extreme anger, she end up slapping him. He was shocked when her soft hand slapped him hard across his face.

It was his punishment.

What a nice gesture,

One slap in return of one beautiful kiss....

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