A Kingdom Forgotten

A Kingdom Forgotten

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cookiekmonstaa🤩 By newflame_sketii Updated 4 days ago

Princess Casanova is only 5 years old when she loses both her parents in a witch massacre. Cursed to an eternity of sleep and no voice.....the only she will wake and get her voice back is...

Read the story to find out about little Cassie's insane adventure. Finding not only her kingdom... but herself.... and perhaps a lover ?? or 2 ???? A lot goes on! So I'm only hoping that you can keep up
• this story will contain INTENSE SCENES! 
~intimate/sex, violent, harsh etc.
• but other than that it truly will be a beautiful journey...


  • adventure
  • curse
  • curses
  • danger
  • fantasy
  • interesting
  • love
  • mysterious
  • mystical
  • romance
  • sirens
  • story
  • suspense
  • tragicromance
  • witch
  • witches
It's generally a good idea to separate different characters' dialogues into distinct paragraphs. 
                              "... she whispered. 
                              Tristan..." etc.
@MarSuu96 thank you! And then the next few chapters slow down.. then they pick up again ❤️
@ThePhenomenalOne1 thank you for the feedback 💖 I appreciate it a lot! It’s my first time writing so it’s good that I have someone to critique my mistakes ❤️
Cool story! I like the uprising of the witches that sparked the action in the story
I think you mean "joyous". Not sure if joyest is a word though, and I've just never heard it before.
I am the type to point out small mistakes, not gonna lie, so you don't have to correct this if you don't want to. 
                              No commas before "and", generally.