Immortal Bonds

Immortal Bonds

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A.L. Rogue By XXrogueXlucyXX Completed

The first werewolf story dated back in the time of the immortals. When they roamed. It came in the form of a wolf and an immortal brother being bit. And the gene mutating into the horror movie werewolves and then into the now a day werewolf.

Isabella Corbin-Knight unfortunately might have to go face-to-face with Lucian Corbin himself. But he seemed to be the better face to deal with then Damien Corbin. But he wants to test her and he is doing it in a form she didn't expect.

Sending two beings that make her question what exactly Lucian is. And the bond that runs between a werewolf and him. And the bond of a mate.

Fourth book to The Immortals series must be read in order.
Second series must read Satan's Vessel first.
Book 1~ Immortal Hearts
Book 2~ Immortal Sins
Book 3~ Immortal Revelations

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