Vivian sees ghosts. Vivian hears voices. Vivian is in very real danger. 
    When her family moves to a new town and enrolls her in a special school for troubled teens, Vivian is forced to make new friends while dealing with a tragic family death and piecing together the cryptic messages left for her by the ghosts she sees on a regular basis. One of these ghosts wants her dead. Vivian just isn’t sure why.
You have a wonderful insight and imagination. Your story is engaging and I hated for it to end!  The sign of a good writer is leaving the reader wanting more. Bravo!
i read this book ah thousand times i love this story if you done mind minny may can you read my book it's my first please comment and let me now if it's good its call MY LIFE SYLE
this story is something amazing. I need an hard copy. I'm not done so yet but I I' just wanted to say that its great so far.
@CharacterDevelopment  Oh I'm a big rambler LOL :-) Thank you for reading!
@GenXblogger You can count on it!! Totally looking for some more! :)
Nice twist in the story there, definitely an effective way to hook the reader!