They Just Don't Know You (Larry Stylinson AU: A/B/O)

They Just Don't Know You (Larry Stylinson AU: A/B/O)

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The Chipmunk Overlord By SupernaturallyLarry Updated Aug 31, 2015

(Co-Written with Doggynikki97 aka Nicole aka BooBear :3)

*This is what Nicole and I do when we're bored. We started this back in early spring and we have enough written already to make this story like... 70 chapters long. Rough Estimate. I don't see an ending in sight. Hope you all like it. x*

Harry is the alpha that everyone in town knows the name of and is terrified of. He has the typical bad ass reputation of hooking up with anyone that has legs, boy or girl, beta or omega. He is dangerous, not afraid to throw a punch and always finds himself in a fight or mixed up in some sort of trouble. But he has his best friend Zayn and that's all he cares about.

Louis is the omega that isn't ashamed of who he is though he is tired of being treated as a lesser being. Everyone he meets tries to push him around or glares at him like he's a piece of meat and he hates it. He just wants to find an alpha that cares for him and won't be completely dominating over him.

They may not seem like the perfect fit, but they don't care. They meet casually, and while Louis hates Liam for dragging him to that bar that night, Liam probably hates Louis more for getting involved with someone as dangerous as Harry. But Louis gets to know the real person that Harry Styles is, and it's not the bad guy he's made out to be. And Harry quickly becomes just as fond of Louis, the omega becoming his one weakness.

It isn't going to be easy, but it's worth it. Who cares what people say. They may think that they know what they're saying, but in reality, they don't know anything at all...

lourry_Or_Larry lourry_Or_Larry May 17, 2017
This sounds like my friends "we won't leave your side , have we ever?" And then minutes  later they are all in a little group on the other side without me
oops_hi_louis oops_hi_louis Nov 22, 2017
Ok low key i thought he was going to be worse but i quite like this
lourry_Or_Larry lourry_Or_Larry May 17, 2017
Now I'm going to be texting my friends and family like this " what's up -L x"
ziam_palick ziam_palick Aug 14, 2017
I don't dance I know u can not a chance if he could this and she could do than I don't dance
lourry_Or_Larry lourry_Or_Larry May 17, 2017
The club isn't the best place to find a lover but the bar is where I go me and my friends at the table doing shots
btsexo_ btsexo_ Oct 31, 2017
I was reading a translation, and it was horrible, thank god i found the original one.