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Dark, the feeling that someone is watching you, but you can't see them, some steps behind you, and then suddenly you pass out. That happened to me before I got here, that happened to me, before I knew what was actually going to happen.
Diza is taken by someone mysterious on a dark night, and them meeting is not simply coincidence at all.
She couldn't help it, he was so mysterious, so magnetic and she wanted to know more.  For a long time she tried to ignore him but, there's nothing better than what is prohibited, from the first time she saw him, Diza knew sooner or later she would sin.
He showed me darkness in me, in him, and everyone around us, I wanted it to consume me, and I wanted him to win. With revelations, turns and dangers, she must help him to achieve the apocalypse.

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I'm really going to try and finish this one I promise, as you now this is a story about Michael Langdon, I apologise because many things may seem odd but I don't really know much about him other than what we've seen in these two episodes, regardless I'll try to make this hotty some justice. hope you enjoy.

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