Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits

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itGirl12 By itGirl12 Updated Nov 05, 2016


Teagan Grey is in senior year alongside her hot half Italian best friend Jeremiah Stavros. 

Teagan had just broke up with her ass hole of a boyfriend and felt insecure and vulnerable. 

One stupid reckless night Jeremiah and Teagan did what everyone said would happen. 'A boy and a girl can't be friends' they said. It was true. From that point forward, all they did was have meaningless sex. 

The rules were 
-No falling in love-just sex
The second rule was
-No falling in love-just sex
You get the gist. 

 But one thing let to another- one of them started to develop feelings for the other. 

Then things started to change. 

Well, actually, Jeremiah started to change and not in the good way. 

Will they still be best friends? Will anything change between them? 

Let's face the facts, a boy and a girl can never be friends.

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    tiffytato tiffytato Jun 13
    Wrong I have 5 best friends who are guys we've  never had feelings in any way
    Osnapitzmeme Osnapitzmeme Jun 20, 2016
    Actually yes they can . I have a best friend well two that are boys, and not once have we had feelings for each other.
    Wrong. They can b friends, it's people who don't know the background that ruin the friendship by making it weird.
    jujuSpace jujuSpace Mar 29, 2016
    Calvin klein jeans....toned back cobered in ink...i think I die😍
    itGirl12 itGirl12 Aug 02, 2014
    @MissPiano how lucky are you!! my dream guy is Jeremiah and I haven't found him yet! count yourself lucky that you found a half cast with an accent! would love to see him! x
    rachel_perry99 rachel_perry99 May 13, 2014
    Damn! This is well good! PLEASE UPDATE SOON! Seriously Love Jeremiah!