The Cold Hearted Truth

The Cold Hearted Truth

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Katie and Chloe By gotaLOVEus Updated Dec 03, 2011

"Moving in with your best friend can only cause trouble." 
Saffron Gates may look like the average American girl, but she's not; that’s just her biggest fantasy. Truth is Saffron is as far from normal as it gets. In the past year and a half she has been through more than should be legal, more than any normal sixteen year old girl should be able to cope with. But Saffron’s strong. With the life she lives, she doesn’t have a choice.

"I'm sorry." 
Ever since Saffron moved into Joe's place of work, his life has been nothing but a rollercoaster. Saffron is everything that Joe wants, but he did something, that in Saffron’s eyes is unforgivable. Now he is working to regain her trust. But can he teach the girl that has always had to keep her walls up, that everyone isn’t against her.

"I don't belong here." 
Phoebe's life was great; until her dad died a year ago. That was when Saffron saved her, and they discovered the truth that drove a wedge in a once perfect family. She's Saffron’s sister. That’s all well and good, but when that once fun loving sister is sinking into a depression, your life starts to suck. And when she isn’t locking people out, she's controlling Phoebe's life. Despite knowing it’s for her own good, Phi can’t help but feel trapped by it all. How long will it take Phoebe to show the "Saffron like" side of her and rebel?

"You're my father." 
Lexie-Ann's life has been nothing but pain, and now she is ready to give up. But not before she finds her real dad. She wants nothing more than to feel what it’s like to be wanted. What it’s like to be hugged. What it’s like to be loved in that way that’s "right". But even if Lexie-Ann find's her dad, can she trust him. After all, he is a man.

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I think that this is good. Only thing is to edit it. YOu have some spelling mistakes in there. But I do like the premise of it. Good job you guys! Voting and fanning!