Bad Cop

Bad Cop

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Linda  Verji ✌ By lindaverji Updated Apr 12, 2016

There Are Good Cops - and Then There's Lucas!

No one has ever accused Lucas of being good! His past is too checkered, he’s never met a woman whose skirt he couldn’t get under and he has no problems skirting the edge of the law to catch a bad guy. However if you threaten someone he loves, he will break any and every rule to get to you.

She’s The Good Girl Gone Bad

Brandy has always wanted two things; to act and Lucas Gallo. When Lucas deliberately breaks her heart, she turns to her first love - acting. Turns out, Hollywood is a dick too and she's not its type either. She’s forced to turn to unconventional means to earn her keep. When a close friend disappears she sets out to find her, unwittingly placing herself in the path of a murderous sociopath, and Lucas.

Innocent sheltered Brandy is definitely not the kind of girl Lucas would come near with a stick. Brave new Brandy, however, is another matter all together…

[DISCLAIMER: Explicit Sex. Violence. Language. Updates on Fridays]

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yellowbuds yellowbuds Oct 22, 2015
Great start up until this moment (Chapter 4), btw, no sure if it's relevant or not to you but you've tagged twice Interracial/investigation/ mature/murder/mystery.  Also, great cover. =)
jhay_devaa jhay_devaa Aug 01, 2015
THANK GOD !!!!!! thank you thank thank you ! looking forward to this book
lili31300 lili31300 Aug 01, 2015
God has answered my prayers!!!!! *in my Mr.Brown voice*  THANK YA!!!!!!
- - Jul 31, 2015
updates on the lordt's day... God is good.❤️❤️❤️
L3xia_ L3xia_ Jul 31, 2015
Are you going to post the chapters that you already had up and just start where you finished or are you going start all the way over . @lindaverji
- - Jul 31, 2015
Well Hallelujah!!! There is a God! I'm so glad this is back!