Choosing Sides

Choosing Sides

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Clare Dugmore By ClareDugmore Updated Oct 11, 2018

"Should those with the witch gene be prevented from procreating?"

This is the question asked by agents of the Paranormal Investigation Department (PID) in the latest government summit about those with magical abilities.

Being a witch in the current political climate is tough. Since a terrorist attack twenty-years ago, the PID have been cracking down on witches, imprisoning many with magical abilities without trial.

Those the PID don't catch go into hiding - if they're lucky. If they're not, they're caught by religious fanatics and publicly hung.

Three young women - Esmee Duncan, Maggie Brennan and Nola Reid - have to navigate this challenging world when their witch powers manifest. Healer Esmee finds herself at the HQ of the magical resistance, telepathic Maggie is taken to a PID facility where she begs them to neutralize her powers, and telekinetic Nola is imprisoned by the PID for accidently killing a man who tried to rape her.
Magical abilities aren't all that connect Esmee, Maggie and Nola, and they soon discover their bond is deeper than they'd ever imagined.

Now they must choose what side of the magical war they're on and decide if they can come together to make the world a better place for everyone. ​

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