The Zombie Prophecies -Part II-

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Adam Sigrist By sigrist Updated 3 years ago
"If you're watching this video, then you are a survivor...The good news is, you're not alone." The woman on the screen paused for a second then started speaking again, "I represent a growing population of survivors that live in the mountains north of here. We are calling for other survivors to join us, to survive together and to fight back."
    The second installation of The Zombie Prophecies starts off six months after the appearance of the mysterious "Judge" who has taken over the skies and is slowly degrading the earth's environment. There are very few people left alive and to continue surviving they're forced to fight off terrible beasts who surround themselves with vicious zombies, as well as several new risks and dangers. Join familiar characters and new ones as they migrate towards the mountains and a mysterious group of survivors known as "The Revolution" who promise safety in numbers, reliable food sources and eventually the ability to take back the earth and the sky from the frightening monsters who've claimed them for themselves.
I did think attack of the titans dang scary also thought of a Boney from warm bodies JasmineBee
I Love Zombies.
                                    I read a little of this, so I'ĺl get back to it later  :P
Honestly i have read a bit of this book, but i did not find it as appealing as the first part. Besides where is donovan and jasper
This book has been an insparation to me the first part is the book that has made me a zombie adict thanks and i hope ypu keep writing
I noticed at the end of book 1 the clouds were red when did they turn black?
Are you not writing further with this story? I have enjoyed it so much!