Parallel Universes || Phan

Parallel Universes || Phan

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Phillip is a scientist who is studying Parallel Universes. 

After what he thinks is a tragic loss where his boyfriend, Daniel, goes into a coma he builds a machine which sends him into a different world.

In this world there are no hover cars and holograms, just taxi's, tea and crumpets. When he enters a less advanced version of his world, he then meets Dan - the spitting image of his supposedly deceased boyfriend, Daniel. 

How will they react when Phillip and Phil meet? 
How will Dan and Phil handle a doppelgänger from a different universe?

Cover artist: @Lionluver12


I thought it said "I knocked out my boyfriend" and I was like Phil no!!
MarianaQuemoirk MarianaQuemoirk Dec 27, 2016
My breathing reading this is literally only silent scteaming
InfinityPancakess InfinityPancakess Dec 19, 2016
                              HE EAA GONNA PROPOSE
                              AND THEN YOU KILL DAN
                              WHY AUTHOR WHY
Yolodude47 Yolodude47 Jan 10
*All the Phandom moves to this world. Everyone notices 50 percent of the population ton as the Phandom has probably brought gay friends with them. 
                              The rest of the world come too, leaving nothing behind on this one.*
Charmedartist Charmedartist Dec 21, 2016
This is like the beginning of Up. All the tears right at the start.
                              Now I'm hoping for a fun lighthearted storyline full of talking dogs.
So Dan just died while getting engaged. OK. Wow. That's sad.