ALPHA CYRUS - The Rising King

ALPHA CYRUS - The Rising King

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Highest Ranking:  2nd in Werewolf 19/10/19

* * * 
"Beg for it, Nevaeh." He demanded. I pushed him down, his back hitting the bed. I bent down quickly, connecting my lips to his jawline, placing kisses on the trail. His once silver-blue eyes, were black, filled with lust and desire. 

I kissed his cheek, slowly moving to his lips, and against them, I whispered, "Take me, Alpha."

*   *   * 
With the gift of Mates taken away, Nevaeh's rollercoaster of love takes an unexpectant turn when she is chosen by two Alphas to be their mate at the annual Mating Ceremony. What happens when the two powerful and possessive Alphas fail to swallow their pride? 

Highest Ranking:  3rd in Teen Fiction 09/11/19
2nd in Werewolf 19/10/19
4th in Alpha 17/10/19


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