Rule One: Don't Be A Bad Boy

Rule One: Don't Be A Bad Boy

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Chase Williams was just your ordinary teenager, young average grades, confident and had a bright future ahead of him, but, unlike most teenagers his age, Chase is gay, but open about his sexuality and doesn't get bullied for it. 

Dexter Thompson is a very strange, but sexy, man. He normally keeps to himself and only opens up near his friends. He owns a club he calls "Surge". It's a club for people of the BDSM lifestyle. He is what you call, Dominant, and no ordinary sub has been appealing to him, so he does something different. He has traveled to other states in order to find the perfect sub for him and left his best friend in charge of the club while he was gone.

Dexter spots Chase one day and chances his life and decides to kidnap Chase. Will Chase be able to provide what his Master asks of him? Or will he fail to meet the expectations of Dexter's ideal sub?

**This is a Boy x Man story and contains BDSM influence, that said, if you don't like guy on guy relations, don't read this. Also I strictly advise you, if you're under 18 you should not be reading this, seeing as this will be filled with sexual encounters, Sadism- pleasure of inflicting pain or humiliation, and graphic content of other kinds**

kittenlover456332 kittenlover456332 Jun 04, 2016
Not if u keep being a b*tch and throwing all thoes threats ariund
Johena_Lana Johena_Lana Apr 22, 2016
What did you expect? Him jumping up and down because he's just so happy to be away from the life he's always had?
twilightxoforever twilightxoforever Nov 01, 2016
Yeah if this was my brother I would have punched him in the gut then told him to f*ck off, I'm a woman with hormones you don't want to reckon with
twilightxoforever twilightxoforever Nov 01, 2016
Are you kidding me? That doesn't get to kids now a days it's more like hey kid You wanna an iPhone 6s? I got it in my van? Come
Johena_Lana Johena_Lana Apr 22, 2016
Uh cuz you kinda kidnapped him, and are taking him away where nobody finds him?
SeptiplierTrash_213 SeptiplierTrash_213 Aug 22, 2016
The Fog... Dun dun dun (half y'all don't even know what I'm talkin bout)