As Long As Your With Me (NaLu) (Next Gen)

As Long As Your With Me (NaLu) (Next Gen)

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Nash Luke Dragneel By Nash-Luke-Dragneel Updated Dec 01, 2018

Lucy had been ignored after she was defeated at the Grand Magic Games.

Only Natsu, Happy, Cana, Gildarts, Wendy, Carla, Gajeel, PantherLily, Levy, MiraJane, Lisanna, Juvia, Romeo, Master Macarov and Master Mavis are the ones who talks to her. 

She was always beaten before her friends get to the guild. When they would arrive Lucy was already beaten up.

One Day Lucy got drunk and Natsu bring her home. She then confess her love for Natsu, which Natsu accepted.

The next morning she woken up to see Natsu next to her. Of course she did her normal routine on kicking him. But sge notice they wete naked! 

Fear wash over her but it went away as soon as Natsu explain what happen.

Of course they started dating but the guild didn't approve, except for the ones who don't beat her up.

Natsu had enough so he and Lucy leave the guild and went away far away from Fairy Tail. 

19 Years Later 3 kids came to the guild. 2 boys with blonde hair and a girl with pink hair.

The boys remind them of Natsu but with blonde hair.

The girl remind them of Lucy but with pink hair.

Who are these people that look like Natsu and Lucy?

Next Gen Ship:

Luna X Storm

Nash X Sylvia

Igneel X Emma

Main Ship: 

Natsu X Lucy