Goodbye Summer

Goodbye Summer

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Like summer, she is the sun that brightens up his day and brings color from his life of gray. 
Like summer, his love for her blossomed into its fullness, creating bliss, at the same time sadness. But just like any other summers which come and go down into autumn, so is their love that will take its time to blossom.

Author's Note:
This is  a fanfiction.
Some of the characters used here are not similar to how they are in real-life. For example, I wouldn't be writing  Brad and Laura Rice as Kaycee's parents and will be writing Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir  instead. In case you dont know them, they're like the Sean and Kaycee of Ice Dance, Olympic Gold Medalists. 

Sean Lew  
Kaycee Rice
Miya Lew
Cheuk Lew
Julian de Guzman 
 Will Simmons
Jevohn Gentry
Taylor Hatala
Tahani Anderson

Tessa Virtue - as Kaycee's mom
Scott Moir - as Kaycee's dad
Josh Beauchamp - as Kaycee's twin brother
Kenneth San Jose - as Sean's cousin

Happy reading! :)

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Why am I only finding this book at 4 am?! 🙌🏻💯😭🤧
Ikrrr!! Gurl you must publish it! And let's hope Sean and Kayc dont end up like them 😂😟
Ι read the summary before I even opened the story and knew you were an incredible writer. You have a gift I swear😍❤
daphneezone daphneezone Nov 11
I’m soft. Honestly, if they don’t get married in the future, I’d believe that it’s really possible for a girl and guy to be bestfriends and not fall for each other at all(which is way too impossible). So better not.
daphneezone daphneezone Nov 11
The name Tessa reminds me of Tessa and Scott, the couple ice dancers but not a couple at all😂 nvm🤦‍♀️