[ON HOLD] ~Smile..~ RUST_010 x Reader

[ON HOLD] ~Smile..~ RUST_010 x Reader

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[Please don't kill me for this. ;w;]

[Most of the art work in this book is mine, even the cover]

[BTW this book is normally for females, but for males who are reading this, just pretend that she is he and stuff.]

It was a normal night for [Y/N]. She was around 18 years old. When she was browsing the internet, she came across a myth that was "dangerous". It said that it lived in a dark forest that nobody has went there in a long time. One night she wanted to take a walk, she was walking far from home. She saw a random forest, she decided to go there, little did she know that she will meet "him" there.

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Yeah, sometimes there will be monsters behind me when performing the ritual.
god sent me to kill you
                              jk thats from a  text2meme video
I remember when I was playing the game where it was like this ritual with a chair in the middle. I had to stay idle on the squares with this other person until they left the game. Before they left the game though, they said that we had to wait until the monster comes and gets them.