The Problem With The Elite (Revenge #2)

The Problem With The Elite (Revenge #2)

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Book Two

Sequel To Helping The Bad Boy With His Revenge(Revenge #1)

Highly suggest to read the first book .

Avalon West is your typical drama queen. She's rich, pretty, smart and basically has all the qualities a man could look for in a woman . The problem was Avalon was a spoiled child, she took things for granted and her parents were sick of her attitude, so what do they do? They ship her across the world to a boarding facility  until she will finally be able to be more how you say 'responsible'.

There she meets the Elite's, a high class group consisting of five of the most richest and powerful families children in the whole of England. Avalon couldn't careless about them since all she wanted to do was to get out of the God forsaken place but something catches her eye or rather someone.

Theo Woods is the mysteriously good looking leader of the Elite group, everyone either worships or fear's him, out of all the Elite members his family is the most powerful and influential. 

At first when Theo meets Avalon all he could think of was that she was another girl flaunting herself over him and they start to instantly hate each other. 

Theo is intrigued by her and her uptight personality, but somehow finds himself getting more attached to Avalon along the way.  

But after all who's more compatible then a spoiled drama queen and a mysteriously feared billionaire bad boy.

Warning: This story contains love, jealousy, rivalry, heartbreak, comedy, and secrets. 

Cover: Wizard-Hunter

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Siblings see each other naked at some point, i don't see a problem with it. Especially since im not sexualizing a strong sibling bond, it's not that kind of story
Trying to make it extremely obvious that she's rich but putting in every detail you can fit
Ohhh perfect thank uuuuu. Add just love drama, jealousy is the best