My Sweet Revenge, Love

My Sweet Revenge, Love

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JennyP988 By JennyP988 Updated Oct 29

A DyShen Alternate Universe:

She ran away from their potential engagement dinner, leaving his family and him with humiliation. 
He swore that if he could ever find her, he would make her life miserable...or so he thought.

This is my first time writing a fanfic because I love DyShen so much! ^-^ 
English is my foreign language, so please don't mind my mistakes. Hope you don't find it boring! Thank you!

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sherlolly29 sherlolly29 Sep 23
OMG! SO happy to have found your fic!! I love the plot ~ please don't stop!
luxeyvou luxeyvou Sep 21
Omg!! This is kind of a very different DyShen! 😆😍 I'm IN! Please don't abondoned this story it 🙏 the story itself is kind promising and interesting 😊 hope you will update very soon authornim! Fighting! 🙌
Lol. This chica thought that his son is like him (I mean how he looks now) 😂😂😂
evelingodi evelingodi Oct 13
Ohh I liked that. Also I gave the name yue to one of my characters  . I write too 😁 I really like the idea.
Deeeeeeee99 Deeeeeeee99 Oct 11
I'd have run too bruh🙌😂 I mean like who would want to get killed if crossfire b/w gangs ever happened... Run yueyue run gurlll
Por que contigo yo ye eskuhi arao mi corazon ta supri , bien simple iyo ta pidi era cinti to elco sa yo ya cinti , ta pidi milagro biral tiempo el mali ase derecho ta pidi milagro biral tiempo era ul vida yo contigo