The Crystal Jade: Book 1 of the IceBrood Chronicles

10 Part Story 1.4K Reads 5 Votes
Jacquel Chrissy C. May By Claire_Violet_Thorpe Updated 10 months ago
15-year-old Hollie Devine doesn't think that vampires are real. In fact, she'd rather keep up with the current popular trends than listen to the warnings of her grandmother regarding vampires. But one night, a vampire named Howard Warpslayer attacks their home, kills the grandmother, and kidnaps Hollie. Now Hollie is in a new world that she doesn't understand and all she wants is to go home. But when another tragedy occurs and all Hollie has left is Howard, she must throw in her lot with him and become the person, I mean vampire, that she was meant to be.
    And yes, there will be some romance in it as well.
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