The Seven Stages Of Sang (Discontinued)

The Seven Stages Of Sang (Discontinued)

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~Anna~ By SincerelyAQueen Updated Dec 18, 2018

Sang is not alone. She never is. 

She has six other people in her head.  They never go away. 

She lives her life trying to survive to the next day. She has no purpose. 

She has no identity. She is just Sang.

Together they try and tackle to obstacles in their life.

Together they are Sang Sorenson.


"Miss Sorenson."

"Could you please not call me that," I whispered my finger nervously pushing against my lip.

"Does Miss Sorenson bother you?" He asked, I stared at my feet, my head bowed down as not to offend him.

"I... no-yes, ahh," my voice broke and I coughed. My words were not being formed, it was if two people were trying to speak with the same mouth, the same throat the same vocal cords. I felt my concentration start to waver, my mind was going a million miles per hour. The world was spinning, and spinning and then I was gone, just like that.

"I think she would appreciate if you didn't call her Sorenson," was the last thing I heard from my own mouth before I was sent home.


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