When Lightning Strikes the Night Sky

When Lightning Strikes the Night Sky

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SofiTheWriter By SofiTheWriter Updated Jul 28

Glory knew her relationship with Deathbringer wasn't going to be easy. After all, he was simply too arrogant, good-looking, and smug to tolerate. Yet somehow, they weirdly ended up together. 

But she clearly did NOT expect for his mother, who was supposed to be dead according to Deathbringer, to come strolling into the rainforest wanting to take Deathbringer away. 

Now, their relationship is at stake. 

New family members and life changing situations are rushing into the rainforest like there's no tomorrow, and there is nothing Glorybringer can do about it. 

Will Glory and Deathbringer's love survive what life throws at them, or will it crumble to dust like so many others in the past?

The main characters do not belong to me. This is simply a fanfic. All credits to Tui T. Sutherland