The Skylar Experiment : Beginnings

The Skylar Experiment : Beginnings

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Skylar is born with predetermined odds against her. She's been isolated since birth from her true nature and her peers in the name of an experiment. Convinced she goes under the name Riley; she believes nothing else outside of the globally accepted creatures exist on this planet. Higher powers intend on letting her bask in deceit with loving, adoptive parents. A change of plans cause them to order her relocation to Oakwood, a microscopic town swarming with mutants like her. 

In the first book of the series, "Riley" moves across the country under the illusion that her father scored a promotion. Genetically modified monsters lurking in the forest beyond her new home latch onto the oblivious teenager, and there's more than a set of puny claws making them dangerous. Lucas Montgomery, the local mysterious boy with an unsettling behaviour and a hard-ass mutant, is the only one willing to protect her. He notices subtle differences in Riley that may suggest she belongs to his kind, but how? He's never heard of an unaware mutant. What could it mean?
One life. One experiment. Endless lies. 
Everything around Skylar is a product of manipulation. 
Some cussing and violent imagery invovled. No explicit sex scenes or smut. 

*Formerly called Game of Survival : Discovery 


Disclaimer : 

My favourite author is Jennifer Armentrout. My story is inspired from her series Lux (basically, credits to her because this wouldn't exist otherwise). There are maaany differences but also several similarities. The plot isn't centered the same way, that's for sure. This is mostly me having fun writing and twisting up my favourite elements.

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It's a toss-up for me. It was such a pleasant surprise to learn about Skylar after the fact. However, I'm more than willing to give this new iteration a try. It doesn't take away from the story to me.
FMM2310 FMM2310 Oct 26
I actually think it's a good to not withhold information from the reader - and there is still m a lot of mystery to digest anyway :)
So... if Skylar is Riley and Riley is Skylar, than who am I?
You mention that the wife is barren AND that she cannot bare a child in the same sentence. It's redundant.