Game of Survival : Discovery

Game of Survival : Discovery

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Riley Addison moves into a small town with her father for a fresh start. Despite its pictorial beauty and its calmness at the surface, she quickly realizes something is off among her new friends and her not-so-friendly encounters.  
Some locals act different in the most unsettling way. 
A danger lurks in the depths of the woods, and it latches onto Riley.  
A boy named Luc seems to be the only one that can protect her from it, but he is hard to grasp. And not human. He is not to be crossed with. 
His troubling presence drags Riley into dark secrets that will inevitably hurt the people she loves. Meeting him sealed her fate, painfully and gradually shattering everything she thought was true, one lie at a time. Riley stands at a threshold between her old life and her new one in this town. A life locking her in a game of survival.


Disclaimer : GoS is not 100% original as it wasn't meant at first to be read by the internet, this is really just me enjoying writing and twisting up elements of books and genres I love. 

My favourite author is Jennifer Armentrout and I love her style. My story is inspired from her series Lux (basically, credits to her because this wouldn't exist otherwise). There are maaany differences but also several similarities. The plot isn't centered the same way, that's for sure. If you love her and her books, you might like this and I hope you get a nice read out of it ;)

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FMM2310 FMM2310 Sep 25
it's only the beginning of the chapter and I can already feel the great relationship they both have
nonametk nonametk Sep 26
I haven't really seen things that way 🤔 I did try to make Riley more nonconformant than your average high schooler, although you will see she adapts quickly to the environnment. Her different view during school is mostly noticed the first days around :)
Never heard of grilling pizza, though it does sound interesting. Bacon and chocolate milk go with anything.
nonametk nonametk Sep 26
Thks for supporting me ! I keep saying this but I'm happy you dig it 😊
Great song that says a lot about the Dad. He's one cool guy, right? So far, I'm digging this read
FMM2310 FMM2310 Sep 25
I have moved into a new house a couple of months ago and believe it or not, half of our stuff is still laying around in boxes