The Deaths of Me (NEW ADULT REWORK)

The Deaths of Me (NEW ADULT REWORK)

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CydneyLawson By CydneyLawson Updated Sep 22, 2018

Gradually, Dane lifted her feet off of the floor and spun her a few times. Her dress flared out behind her, and her hold on him tightened. He was barely able to make out her giggle over the self-made wind as they spun, but her lingering smile when he set her back down was enough for him.

With her hands clasped at the back of his neck and his at the small of her back, it was all too easy to forget the hundreds of people around them.

"You could have anything you wanted," he heard himself say as her heady scent went straight to his brain. He lowered his lips to her ear and pressed her close. "Just ask."

Vaguely, Dane heard the strings of the harps being plucked and the bells ringing, but he was focused on Rory when he pulled back to a more appropriate distance. He soaked in her slow smile, her heat, and her dizzy, glazed stare. He leaned into her again, moving in time with her body. The closer he got, the more he felt the palpable heat radiating from her. Dane's heart leapt as he saw her eyes flutter closed and her head slant toward his. Her heat was almost too much, but he'd ignore it. He didn't care.

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