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A.S. By TheBeautyintheBeast Updated Oct 12, 2018

Anik's mother disappeared from his side one night from a busy city park in Seoul. For some reason, neither he, or anyone else can remember what happened to her on the night she went missing. Anik's father took his only son and moved to New York, to avoid any painful reminders of his childhood trauma, as they try to live a semi-normal life.

Nearly nine years later, a year-long business trip drives Anik's distant father to fly him to his brother, so he can spend his last year of high school with his cousin. Anik has never lived anywhere but major cities, and has a difficult time adjusting to his temporary home in the center of a National Forrest in Main. 

He begins to notice strange occurrences around his Uncle's house, and things with a persistent boy from school don't seem to add up. The quiet, boring life hat Anik though he'd be living for the next year quickly turns into something much different and more exciting. As secrets  begin to be spilled and his life begins to unravel, Anik may be closer to finding his mother than he thinks. 

With the help of his new, mysterious friend and his exuberant cousin, Anik will go on the adventure of a lifetime that will shatter everything he though he once knew.

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