Moments (Dylan O'Brien Fan-Fiction) ✔

Moments (Dylan O'Brien Fan-Fiction) ✔

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Sana Stilinski By sana_banshee Completed

"Steph you alright?" Dylan asks, his light brown eyes looking down at me. He's wearing a plain black t-shirt which show off his muscles and black jeans. His brown hair dosent have gel in it like they usually do, instead there's a quiff. He looks quiet hot. He holds out a hand towards me. I grab it and pull myself off the ground.

I don't know how to make awesome covers, so this is all i've got.

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Yep,that sounds like a slut to me. the skirt part though,lots of girls ware croc tops now😁
yourfellowreader213 yourfellowreader213 Apr 19, 2017
Ay I thought I was the only one, and my parents would force me to eat and I end up not eating for the rest of the day :/
Samantha_Reads Samantha_Reads Mar 21, 2016
I was out of here as soon as you said it had nothing to do with teen Wolf
Mayleigh5EVER Mayleigh5EVER Jan 19, 2017
Hello 1D fam glad we are all here. First order of business GET THESE TWO TO DATE !
dynamicpetals dynamicpetals Jun 17, 2016
I'm going into 8th and I have no idea what she talking about....... 😂
Lukashemmo1996 Lukashemmo1996 Aug 25, 2015
And here we have a fine example of a directioner and swiftie