DeLuca's Home for Mentally Disturbed Boys (BxB Polyamory)

DeLuca's Home for Mentally Disturbed Boys (BxB Polyamory)

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"If you have a son who believes he's a unicorn, a dragon, a werewolf, or even a faerie, and you don't know what to do with him...

Then you need to send him to DeLuca's Home for Mentally Disturbed Boys. 

Call the number below if you wish to draw an application form. If you are accepted, your son will be safely in this home within twenty-four hours. 

- Alexandre DeLuca
Headmaster of the Home 

(No girls allowed.)" 


When I saw that flyer on my mom's countertop, I realized that she was serious. 

And I realized I had no way to tell her that I really did have a pair of ears on top of my head, and I really did have a fluffy tail. 

My mom had never believed me. Never, not even when I was a little kid. It was like only I could see them. I loved my add-ons, even if no one else believed me. 

Now, fifteen years after my discovery of them at age three, and my inability to be smart enough to get into college or my lack of social acceptance to allow me to have a job, my mom couldn't take it anymore despite the fact that I cook the meals and clean the house for her. 

She promised to throw me out, so I guess technically she has already done so by tossing my things at me, giving me an address to my new home and just enough money for a cab to take me there, and then slamming the door in my face. 

At least I won't be living on the streets.

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