We Will Rise (RoadTrip TV Fanfic)

We Will Rise (RoadTrip TV Fanfic)

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Clo By wolfess21 Updated Dec 18, 2018

A bookblogger, a vlogger, a uni student and a girl taking her A Levels. What do they have in common? They're best mates with one another and friends with RoadTrip. Are you ready to navigate A Levels alongside Roxy? Watch Vee take on Uni and figure out where she wants to go in her life? What about Lily, who vlogs with Clo? And Clo, who runs her bookblog, alongside her own business. 

They're about to get thrown into the real world, where school isn't everything, where money sadly matters but so does friendship and what about love? Surely love matters the most? These 4 girls are about to go on a journey of a lfetime, of self discovery, learning to listen to their heart, to listen to one another. They will rise, together and alongside RoadTrip. They'll rise together, to whatever their future may hold.

Heartbreak, sarcasm and original songs will be inside this book. 

Updates at least once a week, sometimes more :)
Disclaimer: Original songs written by me, please don't copy, reproduce anything in this book.