A Trial by Halves

A Trial by Halves

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moosesforgooses By moosesforgooses Updated Jul 10

What would have happened if Ye Huas plan to die in he Mermaid Wars had been Successful?
What would have happened had Su Su not run through the barrier?

These two questions are the focus of this story and will delve off considerably from the main story and into a new one filled with passion, laughter and untold anxious moments followed by angst that not even Ye Hua could have foreseen.

Mo Yuan is still in deep slumber and might appear at the end of the story... Im not sure yet.

Fan Fiction based on the Characters from Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.

R18.  Adult content, contains  NSFW chapters, violence and course language.

This story may contain some characters that do not belong to the original Drama, book or its author.  The additional characters , songs, poetry and all plot lines including invented scenarios, visions, magic, dialogue, ideas, creations and descriptions belong solely to me.  I do not give permission for all the above mentioned that belongs to me, to be used, sold, altered, borrowed, reproduced,  trademarked or copyrighted in any form without my express permission.

The main characters are from the drama series Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, I do not own any part of their characters, the story line of the drama or the drama itself, the rest is a complete figment of my imagination.  Any similarity to a real person or event, is purely coincidental.

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