The Female Alpha ( ON HOLD)

The Female Alpha ( ON HOLD)

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Sxmewhereonlyweknow By Sxmewhereonlyweknow Updated Jul 25, 2015

Alphas. Strong, powerful, possessive and male.

Alpha Eli is the alpha of the strongest and largest pack in North America. Angry, arrogant and impulsive he declares war on a neighbouring pack who refuse to join his own. He expects a blood bath, to wipe out the pack easily with his large number of trained warriors. What he does not expect to find is the one thing he never actually wanted. A mate.

Nina is one of the most powerful wolves in the world. Not only is she an extremely rare white wolf but she defies werewolf nature. She is a female alpha. Hot headed and feisty she refuses to join with the Red night pack inflicting war upon her own pack. Prepared to fight to the death she heads into battle with killing being her only aim. Instead she finds something she never thought she needed. A mate.

What happens when two hot headed and arrogant people collide? Without a mate a wolf can die but will the two angry alphas admit that they need each other?

  • alpha
  • black
  • love
  • mark
  • mate
  • pack
  • white
  • wolf
FairyTailGlitter FairyTailGlitter Feb 24, 2016
*blows whistle*
                              FORESHADOWING! I PLEAD FORESHADOWING!!! 
                              *blows whistle a hundred more times
darkness_is_beutiful darkness_is_beutiful Jul 20, 2016
I like her already and I haven't even met her we're going to great friends!!!!
sjsbrooklyn sjsbrooklyn Dec 07, 2016
Yo chill they r the author let them do what they want if u don't like it then u can exit the book and write your own story the way u think it should be but don't put this author down becuz they want to write a book about a white wolf
FairyTailGlitter FairyTailGlitter Feb 24, 2016
*Shoves 100 boxes of kit kat and snickers in front of him*
                              EAT IT! And calm THE FOOCK DOWN!
4everAloneAnAwkward 4everAloneAnAwkward Aug 10, 2014