Perfect or Monster?

Perfect or Monster?

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KiddyKitten By KiddyKitten Updated Dec 18, 2018

A girl was standing near the window having so many thoughts.She tried so many things to stop the wedding but nothing happened.Now also so many things are coming in her mind.Maybe she should run away.Or she should talk to her father.When she was thinking all of these a call disturbed her

Caller:Hi angel.Thinking about me?

Nandini was silent. Infact she was a little afraid bcz his voice was not sweet like other times.

Caller:Why so silent? Okay let me guess. Thinking how to stop this wedding right?

now she was shocked. His voice was dangerous this time.How does he know this??He came to know everything?

Nandini:Mr. malhotra actually....

Manik:Don't be nervous angel.I won't tell anyone. Just do this wedding without creating more mess.Trust me,I'll be good.As I know u love ur family. I'm sure they won't be happy by knowing all these.So just stop thinking much and sleep.We have a long day tomorrow.

He said all these things very calmly yet dangerously & cut the phone.

All this while nandini was sweating badly.

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Polu1998 Polu1998 Sep 18, 2018
seems interesting! just a word of advice-add more tags to ur story! ppl will be able to find it more easily!