Lilly:  Alternate version [Complete]

Lilly: Alternate version [Complete]

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Oscar Hinklevitch By OscarHinklevitch Completed

[COMPLETE] Known by all to be a druggie, gang member, prostitute and general all around bad person, Lilly is shunned by those she once called 'friends' and not trusted by those charged with her care.  With everyone trying to shove her down, the neglect and abuse she suffers in her foster homes further insures her plunge into the gutter of life.

When the CIA joins in, she must run. But how can she escape the CIA, and their desire to include her in their nutty science experiment, all because she has one tiny little secret they think they've figured out? They're the government, after all, but apparently not hers. Come to find out, on top of everything else, she's an illegal alien. Can it get any worse for Lilly?

What can a teenage girl do, faced with the troubles she has? Actually, Lilly can do a lot, but not what anyone expects.

Lilly is a compelling story of a girl determined to succeed, despite all of the crap flung at her from all directions. She is determined to overcome the naysayers, and prove every last one of them wrong.

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