How to love

How to love

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"Forgive me, Mr Hayes but a girl doesn't want thousands of dollars spent upon her. A simple goodwill, heartfelt gesture is enough to make a woman turn into a puddle of goo." I nervously fiddle with the hem of my risen skirt and I clear my throat. "If a woman wants your money - then it's not love." 

He pushes himself from the large oak desk he was resting upon and walks forward causing my temperature to rise and a strangled breath catch in my throat. His hands grasp the chairs arm on either side of me and my toes curled within my high heels. 

"Then teach me, Miss Field." He speaks, dipping his head to catch my nervous gaze. "Give me lessons on how to love." 


Miss Francesca Fields, also known as Frankie, has read one too many romantic novels, watched one too many romantic movies and dreams too much about the glorious, old fashioned romance. She has kissed many frogs, but she has yet to find her prince. 

When overhearing her wealthy bosses, gold digging girlfriend boast about her latest mercedes convertible with all expenses charged to Mr Hayes' business card, Francesca can't help but rant towards a work colleague about her thoughts on the matter. 

What she didn't expect was to be then summoned to the office of her boss and CEO, Jason Hayes, within minutes after the conversation. 

Expecting to be fired on the spot, Francesca was completely stunned at Mr Hayes offer. 

Could she really give her boss lessons on how to love?

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