I Need Romance

I Need Romance

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ImpishGirl By ImpishGirl Updated Jan 28, 2017

It was easy, their contract was solid.  

*No falling in love with the other party or anyone else who is friends or family of the other party.  

*Both parties would be married for two years.

 *after two years of being married both parties are required to sign the divorce papers. 

*both parties should act like a couple in front of business partners, family, family friends and the media.

*both parties are required to be civilised with each other.  

*both parties could have a relationship outside of their contract but they must not tell anyone about the contract aside from people they trust (excluding their parents). 

 I Nicolette Luna Addams here by agree to the following rules for this engagement/marriage to Axel Maximilian Kepler._____(signature above printed name)________. 

 I  Axel Maximilian Kepler here by agree to the following rules for this engagement/marriage to Nicolette Luna Addams. _____(signature above printed name)________.     

But they didn't think that they would screw it all up by not following the very first rule of their contract. 

Nicolette didn't think that her fiancé would be the guy who broke her heart and who she hadn't seen in two years. Nicolette most certainly didn't think that history would repeat itself with both of them again and add to it falling for someone she shouldn't have fallen in love with in the first place.     

Axel didn't think that his fiancée would be the girl who used to stalk him and who had disappeared right after he rejected her. Axel didn't even think that he would actually fall for someone who was the same person he said he would never like but Axel just had to screw up. Big time.

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KristineIsaac KristineIsaac Sep 18, 2016
I wonder what happen in  axel n her in the past.  In the plot he rejected her what was his reason. It's very interesting
gummybearsoncrack gummybearsoncrack May 12, 2014
OH~! what happened in the past with Axel and her? Update soon please <3