Her Assistant

Her Assistant

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Celestine By versace- Updated Dec 31, 2016

WARNING: may contain MATURE content and tons of errors you can imagine.

Is it normal to have a sexual relationship with your assistant who's smoking hot? What if he's the one who caused you the greatest pain? Will you still give in?

Seven years ago, a hopeless romantic seventeen year-old Chloe Pike fell madly in love with a guy who loathed her -- Philip Connor, a graduating college student who is extremely attractive but he is an arrogant and self-glorifying man. Phil hated Chloe because she is loud and annoying but there is something about her that made him unimaginably attracted to her. After months of Chloe's persuasion, one event led them to stay under the same roof -- a night that they will never forget, a night Chloe lost her virginity. Phil left her before she woke up. Chloe went to him after the encounter, only to hear Phil say, ""F*ck off. I don't want to see you anymore. Just please, f*ck off."  

Now, Chloe is one inch away from reaching the peak of her career as she is tasked by her cousin Jesse, who is battling cancer, an owner of a  multi-billion dollar company. But what happens when the a-hole Phil Connor is assigned by Jesse to become her assistant?

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midnightwinters midnightwinters Aug 12, 2017
I've only known him for like 3 minutes and I'm crying at this😭
Kmalik98 Kmalik98 Sep 12, 2015
Aghhhh he is gay :) shocked by the last sentence broke my heart
kehkashan123 kehkashan123 Feb 03, 2015
Wow!! It's great to see the women as the CEO and the guy as the assistant!!! Loving it already ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mocity_Brook Mocity_Brook Dec 20, 2014
First time reading and I just know this will be great! Also feel as if there should be a prequel
versace- versace- Aug 06, 2014
Sure, I will, once I am done with my academe responsibilities, I'm really busy. Thanks by the way :)
SibeteIetaake SibeteIetaake Aug 05, 2014
Please write it all!! Love the summary by the way and add more cast members!!