Somebody To You

Somebody To You

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Grace By GraceJii Updated Dec 18, 2018

Adeline knows Noah Devereaux's secret. 

After a chance encounter one snowy night, Adeline decides to save a stranger, Noah, after witnessing his fight with even stranger men. When they meet again years later, she realizes he's not the golden boy everyone knows him to be: handsome, kind, and popular. Behind closed doors, Noah is moody, complicated, and arrogant enough to think he's got everyone eating out of the palm of his hand. She wants no part of his lies, but the more she runs the closer she finds herself to the truth.

Adeline has no idea that the moment she saved Noah's life was also the very moment he would become part of her own messy world.

Noah has worked hard to secure his reputation and his new life separate from his deadbeat family's legacy. Just when he thinks it's time to stop running, Adeline Lai comes crashing in and sees something she really isn't supposed to see. What's a boy to do when one girl suddenly holds the power to ruin his life? Having her as close as possible to keep her lips shut seems like the only viable option...if only he could stop dreaming about other ways of keeping her quiet with his mouth.

Noah has no idea what it means to be saved by Adeline, but he's about to find out.