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JJ By PrincessofWakanda Completed

Book Three in the Lies Series ( Civil War Fanfiction )

"You know, I'm still pretty shaken up over finding out Darth Vader was Luke's father," Steve puffed, grabbing her by one arm and twisting her into a head lock under his left arm. She struggled in his grip. Maybe he would win this one after all.

"Yeah, don't feel to special. No one saw that coming," she said, her face turning red. He loosened his grip just a little, but it was enough for her to wriggle out and slam the back of his knees. Steve crumpled, and she took the opportunity pin his arms to his sides, sitting on his chest with one arm up against his throat. 
So much for winning. 

Her hair fell over her face. The hair cut made her look so much older than 25. Someone her age shouldn't have such dark circles under her eyes, shouldn't have hands that trembled so much.