Mirror Majesty (Mirror Me Series Book 2)

Mirror Majesty (Mirror Me Series Book 2)

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Jules_Haigler By Jules_Haigler Updated Nov 20, 2019

Book 2
Hope Martinez is the first person in Tartarus to kill a Half-Life. Such a feat should be commended if not for the dreadful prophecy that surrounds her. In the meantime, Hope along with her band of misfit renegades have one goal in mind, make it to the ancient city of Vetra so she can learn of her Mirrorbender ancestry and further her studies as Mirrorbender of Tartarus. Unfortunately the group is captured by Juprus soldiers and brought to the capital city of Blackstone where a king with a wicked secret sits on the throne.

On Earth, the Martinez family attempts to heal wounds and forget their past, but the past comes back in full force as supernatural events begin plaguing the world and an old enemy resurfaces. In a chase to outwit a dastardly secret organization and escape the chains of a ruthless king, Hope, her family, and her friends must work together to stop the terrors of the past from succeeding and keep new ones from breaking free. 

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