It all started with a dare

It all started with a dare

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!!!The first few chapters are kinda bad but give it chance okay!!!


"Kiss Ella" said Jake.

 Why meeee??? There are other hotter girls he could've chosen but me. Yay me. I was about to kiss my brother's freakin bestfriend in a game of Truth or Dare.

He started walking towards me as my heart was beating faster than I thought it could.

 In a matter of seconds, I felt his soft lips crash against mine as I kissed back and we moved in sync with each other. A feeling I thought I would never be able to feel ever again.

And this is exactly why I never attend to these types of parties.


Meet Ella Garcia, a shy girl with the brain of a genius.She has a bad past with love .She is a very pretty,beautiful person inside out and had a model-like body. But she stayed low by wearing baggy clothes and huge glasses with very little make-up so no one ever realised her,which was hard beacuse of her brother's reputation.She used to be outgoing and fun but all because of a guy that broke her heart she changed.She happens to have a crush on her brother's bestfriend.

Meet Damien De Ville. The typical highschool quarterback badboy player. He plays with girls' feelings one by one. He is one of the most popular guy in his school
 and the hottest too. 

So, what happens when they play a game of truth or dare at a guy's party. You'll have to find out.Did I mention Ella has an overprotective brother?


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