Power Up, Artist Yang!

Power Up, Artist Yang!

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Yueyi By yaoyueyi Updated 5 days ago

At 24 years old, Yujia is an unemployed art major, living off heavy debt and instant noodles, both of her irresponsible parents refusing to support her. During a high-school reunion, Yujia gets drunk, does stupid things, and when she wakes up again, Yujia is no longer in the correct world, time-period, or body. 

Unfortunately, as a transmigrator, Yujia does not seem to have much luck either- instead of transmigrating with a set of stunning martial arts skills, knowledge that would aid her in troubling situations, or a position of royalty that would make her life much easier, Yujia is the fourth (illegitimate) daughter of a small merchant. And what skills does she have to help her survive this world?

A pretty face, witty mouth, and useless artistic talent?

Good enough.

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