Serenity | Jikook |

Serenity | Jikook |

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Sincerely Jikook By Sincerely_Jikook Completed

[ Alpha and Omega A.U ] 
-SEQUEL TO "Behind Curtains |Jikook|"

"Before you go, give me a kiss... and make it last forever.."

After many years of being together, Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin finally brought their first born pup home. However, parenthood wasn't as easy as the two of it thought it would be. Along the way, Jimin starts to feel like he's the only one trying while the love of his life is holding up his career to support his family and maintain his perfect reputation in fame. Like always, Jimin knew a little hint of selfishness lingered on the young Alpha's persona. Eventually, Jimin starts to think of perfect families with parents helping each other on taking care of their pups and this only left Jimin to wonder, will he ever get such a lovely image back in his life after Jungkook clears up his schedule?--of course, that's if his schedule could use a little break.--

Family comes first... No matter what it takes to sacrifice and protect the ones you love, right?

Jimin soon starts to receive endless love letters; sent from a patient at the mental asylum where 'he' dwells. Jungkook then just couldn't help but to focus on protecting what's his; Even if it means taking too much time and money, Jungkook was willing to risk it all. Causing the young pup, Minho; a cute and optimistic little pup, to grow very isolated while they move houses for safety measures to avoid crossing roads with this big 'fan' of theirs from years ago. Even soon, no asylum could hold this one down... Even prison itself! 

But will it be enough to throw off the envious Alpha who's really been chasing after Jimin for so long?

Story Contains:
•Fluff (Lvl: High) 
•Smut (Lvl: Medium) 
•Jikook (obviously) 

Side ships:

For those of you who don't want to read Smut chapters, skip chapter names that end with a '~' For example:
Chapter 5: (Chapter name)~ 
•You have been warned•
Start: September 15, 2018
End: December 17, 2018

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