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Warrior Cats: Forbidden Destiny

Warrior Cats: Forbidden Destiny

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♡ june By Floriah- Updated Mar 27

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T R U E  L O V E  C A N ' T  B E  B R O K E N.
Until now....

Morningwish was a she-cat who had always chose loyalty above anything in the world. Loyal to her family, loyal to her clan mates and loyal to herself.
Being the leader's daughter, and the only kit in the family, earned her respect from all. But that wasn't all that they respected her for. Like many cats, for her, the warrior code was the root of every choice a clan cat made.

Even in StarClan, they knew she had a greater destiny ahead. That one day, like the noble warriors in the nursery stories, she would also leave a great history behind for the forest cats to remember. 

But the one thing StarClan did not foresee was falling in love with a ShadowClan cat. Everything that Morningwish had known was right, began crashing down at her like a fallen tree. According to the warrior code, everything about their relationship was wrong. How could their love lead to anything but misery? And as each day passes by, she cannot stop thinking about him. Soon she would have to choose her path.

Stay loyal to her clan or lose their trust forever.


Meanwhile Hollywhisper from ShadowClan, is stuck with an unsolved prophecy that may lead her clan mates into a dark history. While tension grew between all four clans, Hollywhisper doubt there would ever be any peace until she solves this unknown complication.

I liked the names you had... Oh welp, it's your choice anyway. :o NUUU plez don't make dis a non Warriors account. :(
-w-y-e-t-h- -w-y-e-t-h- Jul 20, 2016
Literally my dream book! I hope there's a sequel or prequel.
- - Oct 19, 2016
Lilacpool is a really beautiful name! I love Morningwish's too. 
                              Hey, isn't it funny how I have a cat from my stories named Lilyrose?
StarlightPrisoner StarlightPrisoner May 04, 2016
I like that you put the Clans in here because other books I've read about Warrior Cats didn't have the clans and all of this, so good job to you!
hollylops hollylops Jul 18, 2016
I thought it was going to be a good book until I read 'Starpaw' lol
Mousedapple Mousedapple Sep 24, 2016
Violet eyes, a cat named Starpaw, another named Witchflight, blue/ice-blue eyes on eighty percent of the characters... What happened here?