A Siren's Affection | B x B x B

A Siren's Affection | B x B x B

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whitebay By buttercuppoptop Updated Dec 09, 2018

After a run-in with some not so tasteful people, a young siren who goes by Cyrus is forced to flee onto the the deck of a ship, the meeting place for the worst of the worst. Pirates. Devastated that he missed his only chance to get his tail, he has no other choice but to go along an stay above land. After greeting a few crew members he meets the daring captain, Aaron. He easily snatches his heart, only to have Caspian, a charming merman, to do the same.

Life with legs couldn't be greater! That is until Cyrus finds out they could be the thing that kills him. It truly is a race against time, but having two cunning men by your side who'll stop at nothing to keep you safe is an advantage,


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