Goldfish ||BBC Sherlock||

Goldfish ||BBC Sherlock||

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M By TheMostUnsociable Updated Jun 29

The Iceman, Big Brother, heartless, The Smart One. Mycroft has always been an enigma, operating under the facade of a goverment official for years. The time has come to answer the real questions. What happened between Sherlock and Holmes the older? How did he get those names? How did he come by his position?

But ultimately, who is Mycroft Holmes?

The year is 1993. 

And his demons are crouching at the door.

······     ······

Praise for Goldfish 

"Beautiful I love it so much you truly are talented. My words can't express how amazing this is.. I expect great things from your page." -Demon Daddy, Sherlock Amino

"Omg it made me feel feelings! Do more Mycroft please! I need happiness feels."
-Luna Wyse, Sherlock Amino

"Your writing style is absolutely riveting!!!"
-ItWasTheNightRats, Sherlock Amino

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