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Slade Watkins By RealSladeWatkins Completed

This is an essay I started writing today. I've been challenging myself to write many stories in a format I want to experiment with, this one so happens to have multiple experiments wrapped into one. They could be views on life-the world-school-mental health-or they could be completely fictional-untrue-fake.

I wrote it to be poetic-creative-maybe a bit quirky too. I wrote it because I was at the tip of my "creative high," where I just couldn't stop churning out ideas

This is by far the longest thing I have ever written, and it only took me 6 hours. It is my favorite piece of writing period.

This is about our senses of "feeling alright" and telling people that we're okay even though we aren't and we are struggling. We have all of these questions growing up we don't ask because we're awkward. I wrote this to be relatable. This is real, raw, and emotional in my eyes.

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