Strong Thug Love

Strong Thug Love

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Katrina is your ordinary 17 yr old girl she's a badass and all the girls hate  on her cause of her looks (light skin ,long black straight hair .thick,Light brown eye's dimples ) . she was born in New York.  Her dad recently died she thought he was Innocent but later on she will find out the truth.  She moves to California after the Funeral. She's back with her R.o.d/Bestiee  Re'nae.  And she also meets a Boy Named Alexander she didn't really like him at first. he's  one of the Biggest Drug Dealer in California he ain't really looking for love all he do is Fuck and duck. 

But along the Way all that's gonna change all because of Katrina..... 

Read on to Katrina's and Alexander's Strong Thug Love that builds. ❤

I love it how this story has my last name😊lol I feel so special
When people on wattpad say they from ny they always from Brooklyn, where's the Bronx people👀👀👀
diamondsbae diamondsbae Mar 07
Brooklyn isn't THAT bad!!!!! I mean it's ghetto......very ghetto........but it isn't THAT bad!!!!!!
Come out to brooklyn again talking that mess you better hope the people who be infront of my building dont get ya
BR33ZUS BR33ZUS Nov 23
Hey I'm a new writer here I posted up 2 chapters (3) on its way I just need everyone's opinion like comment and vote thanks
Man where them MD peeps at mane shout out to my niggas from maryland